Rachel and Becky Judge Things Episode 19: Transformers: The Last Knight

We watched Transformers: The Last Knight. Then we immediately forgot everything that happened in this movie, because it’s two-and-a-half-freaking hours long. We’ve never actually watched a Transformers movie before, but… would it have helped, really? We also had a special guest for the first time — our friend N! Catch her at @mistresscurvy on twitter! We are very very sorry we subjected her to this, when she came over thinking we were going to watch Terrace House.

We forgot to mention so many things! Is the evil government force a metaphor for ICE? Castro is cool with transformers? The Book of CYBER Kells???

Mentioned in this episode:

Lindsay Ellis’s breakdown of the Transformer movies: The Whole Plate


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Remember That We Suffered


Transformers fic?!? Victory Condition by Astolat

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